Inheritance Law

We have experience in successfully handling the most complex projects with multiple assets located all around the world and involving several areas of law in multiple jurisdictions

Corporate and Legal Aspects:

  • Performing due diligence and identifying risks in the current corporate structure and governance mechanisms, provision of recommendations to address the risks identified
  • Preparation of a Corporate Succession Plan, recommendations, and documents to establish a corporate succession system
  • Development of optimal legal structure for a group of companies, including various management and control mechanisms to ensure long-term development and growth, protection and other goals
  • Drafting all the necessary legal documents
  • Providing legal support for legal entity reorganization and participation in managing bodies
  • Establishing mechanisms to protect business and secure the interests of the entire family or specific successors


Tax Planning and Structuring:

  • Estimating tax burden on heirs considering the required tax payments abroad
  • Designing structures to ensure predictable order of inheritance using:
    • Foreign legal mechanisms (trusts/foundations) and support for their direct establishment, and/or
    • Russian legal mechanisms (complex inheritance determination, estate/personal funds, CEIFs, wills, and other mechanisms) and supporting their execution (e.g. as executor)


Inheritance planning

  • Development of family-hereditary concept of transfer wealth to heirs
  • Drafting marriage contracts and wills
  • Performing the role of executor, managing personal / inheritance fund
  • Supporting registration inheritance entitlements
  • Evaluating assets to distribute inheritance
  • Other services



  • Mediation of relationships with partners and within family based on results of legal and tax diagnostics

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