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About us

ALTHAUS Private Clients

ALTHAUS Private Clients provides both standard services and successful solutions to extraordinary and unique challenges that our clients may face. We offer a range of services designed for private clients and their families to ensure stable increase in their wealth with minimal risks. A team of top-notch professionals will work to preserve and enhance your prosperity, saving you time and maintaining complete confidentiality.

We trust in our experience and professionalism, which for us mean:


Tax Consulting and Structuring

Tax and Currency control regulation

Services for Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs) in Russia


Inheritance planning

Аmnesty of capital


Althaus Company and individual employees are recognized by international and Russian rating agencies:
Chambers and Partners, International Tax Review, Legal 500, Best lawyers,
Pravo-300, RAEX, Kommersant

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    Tax Consulting and Structuring

    • Assessing personal assets and income structure for tax and currency risks, developing recommendations to eliminate identified risks
    • Structuring personal wealth to achieve multiple objectives (asset protection, investment performance, capital accumulation and preservation, predictable estate structure, etc.)
    • Corporate tax planning and structuring
    • Designing a structure of real estate ownership in Russia and abroad using corporate and other instruments
    • Tax and legal structuring of Russian and cross-border transactions (sale and purchase of real estate, shares and participatory interest in companies, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, etc.)
    • Analyzing potential implications of automatic exchange of financial information for clients and their business
    • Assistance in KYC/AML procedures for clients and interaction with compliance departments at banks and other financial institutions
    • Other services

    Tax and Currency control regulation

    • Advising on any issues of personal taxation in Russia and abroad, as well as currency control regulation in Russia
    • Advising on new currency control regulation issues, such as evaluating legality of foreign account transactions, cross-border transfers and transactions with foreign securities and real estate
    • Preparing annual tax returns and reports required by the Russian tax and currency control law
    • Auditing personal finances for tax and currency risks and developing tax strategies (Tax Check-up)
    • Representing private clients with the tax authorities in connection with matters of tax and currency control law compliancе
    • Representing private clients with the tax authorities in case of receiving demands for provision of comments under automatic exchange of financial information
    • Other services

    Services for Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs) in Russia

    • Assisting in establishing and servicing foreign companies and structures, such as trusts and foundations, together with our legal partners in foreign jurisdictions
    • Coordination of the process of transferring various types of assets into the established structures (securities, movable and immovable property in Russia and abroad, as well as other assets)
    • Preparing CFC tax reports
    • Preparing CFC financial statements in accordance with IFRS accounting standards; obtaining auditor’s report
    • Analysis of the feasibility of the transition to fixed profit taxation for CFCs, preparing applications for such a transition
    • Other services

    FAMILY OFFICE Services

    • Comprehensive support for managing and administering family wealth in terms of law, taxation, currency control regulation, and inheritance in Russia and abroad:
    • Assessing and monitoring compliance with the law in Russia and abroad
    • Coordination of cooperation with the client’s legal services providers
    • Resolving clients’ various issues and representing their interests with the Russian tax authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs authorities, courts and other state authorities
    • Other services

    Inheritance planning

    • Development of family-hereditary concept of transfer wealth to heirs
    • Drafting marriage contracts and wills
    • Performing the role of executor, managing personal / inheritance fund
    • Supporting registration inheritance entitlements
    • Evaluating assets to distribute inheritance
    • Other services

    Аmnesty of capital

    • Analysis of the Client’s Declaring Assets and Accounts within the Amnesty of Capital
    • Preparing and filing Special Declaration, related reporting documents enclosed to the Special Declaration, as well as other documents to ensure guarantees under the Capital Amnesty are applied
    • Preparing the «safeguard file»
    • Other services